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The Japanese dog standard of NIPPO

We'll explain about nature of Japanese dog in this post. The nature of Japanese dog is mainly composed of three thing, "Kanni", "Soboku", "Ryosei". "Kanni" means boldness, courage and guts. It is more important than appearance. Dog with "Kanni" will have health and spirit beauty. "Soboku" means simple and efficient beauty. With "Soboku", dog's sincere heart will stand out and Japanese dog's beauty dwells within that. "Ryosei" means good disposition. It is said that "Ryosei" is necessary thing as domestic dog. The essence signified by "Kanni", "Soboku" and "Ryosei" is backbone that makes inborn character of Japanese dog. To maintain the essence, strong body is needed. To build strong body, adequate breeding environment, daily exercise and health control are needed. But no matter how much we pay attention to breeding environment and exercise and foods control, if dogs don't have inborn strong body and spirit, it's meaningless. If we use weak dog, which has venerable body, as stud dog, its children will also be weak, and it will end in serious problem in the future. To prevent such future, we cooperate with many trustworthy breeders and select high quality dog as stud dog to strengthen our dog's blood line. Note: There are some subtle topics, which are difficult to express in English. But we'll try to transmit correctly as much as possible, please bear with us.


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