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Trait of Shiba Inu

The most trusted guideline of Shiba Inu “Japanese Dog Standard”

The trait, ideal feature and figure of Shiba Inu is clearly written in “Japanese Dog Standard”. It was instituted in 1936 by Japanese Dog Preservation Society with the aim of preserving unique Japanese dog. Now, this is the basic standard for most Japanese dog breeder and owner, and commonly used as standard for dog show. We’ll explain in according to “Japanese Dog Standard” in the following.

The personality and disposition of Japanese Dog including Shiba Inu

This applies not only to Shiba Inu but also to all Japanese dog (Shiba Inu,Kishu ken, Shikoku ken, Hokkaido ken, Kai ken and Akita ken), Japanese dog’s good disposition is courageous, simple and pristine personality. They also have dignity and faithfulness to its owner and unadorned self-possessed presence. Besides, they are attentive, agile, nimble and vigorous.

All Japanese dog has these features by nature.

Figure of Shiba Inu


Shiba Inu is classified into small dog category.

*Male adult’s average size

Height 39.5 cm

Weight 9-11 kg

*Female adult’s average size

Height 36.5 cm

Weight 7-9 kg


Well-balanced size triangle ear which stands straight and tilts to front a bit.


Triangle dark brown slanted eyes.


Straight shapely nose. Tight lip. Thick compact mouth.


Strong healthy teeth with well fit dental bite.


Wide forehead, shapely tight cheek, broad thick neck.


Moderately tight egg-shaped lib.

*Back and West

Straight spine line from shoulder to the root of tail. Firm west.


Strong and thick tail.

The most common tail shape of Shiba Inu is curly tail which curls toward front. (“Makio”)

Other than that, “Sashio” which stretches straight to front is also common.


The coat colors of Shiba Inu are red, black, sesami and white in descending order. White does not tend to be valuated in show.

Shiba Inu’s coat is double coat.


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