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Touching vol.2

- Purpose and efficacy of touching

A puppy crawls right after it is born. He can't stand, so he can't urinate on his own. The mother dog turns him over and licks his crotch. The stimulus causes him to urinate. Being in a supine position with a stomach revealed like that fosters obedience.

It's a good idea to do the same thing by touching with a human hand as the mother dog.

The purpose of touching is to make a dog subordinate, and the ideal state is that no matter where you touch him or whatever you do, he doesn't resist without any hesitation.

If you can't touch his body freely, it means that he thinks he is superior to you.

By continuously performing touching, you will be able to make him obediently respond to even nail clippers and ear cleaning.

It is also effective for building a calm personality. By giving enough touching on a daily basis, you will make him feel happiness when being touched.

- Touching must be performed when you have enough time

When you start touching, you should have enough time and also other family members should have time so that you don't have to stop touching suddenly.

The reason is, if you need to do other things while touching, such as when the phone rings or when a sudden visitor comes to your home, you will have to stop touching suddenly.

Dogs have a good memory, so he remembers if touching is stopped suddenly. And from the next time, he begins to think "When will the touching end?" and expects touching to end. This will make him restless and reduce touching effectiveness. Touching should be performed in a calm atmosphere.

- If he resists or gets nervous, give a back line massage.

The spine is the line on the back of the dog. Stroke this part with the tips of your fingers from the base of the dog's tail toward his head so that his hair is raised upwards.

Autonomic nerves run on the spine, and when a dog gets excited or feels fear, the sympathetic nerves work to cause bristles. So, by massaging the spine and raising the hair daringly, the parasympathetic nerves start to work to lay down the standing bristles and try to calm the dog down. If your dog is a little resistant to touching or is a little nervous, this back line massage will help you calm him down.

- When you stop touching, do not stop suddenly, but gradually weaken it.

If you continue touching, your dog will get more and more relaxed and finally even if you stop your hand, he won't move and remain lying and relaxed. Continue touching until your dog goes in this state.

When you stop touching, it is important to gradually weaken your touch. You should not stop it suddenly.

First, slowly return him to the prone state. Then raise his body slowly and let him sit, it is the hold still state. Finally, you should stand up first and this is the finish.

Never let your dog stop touching or let him get up suddenly at his will. It is important to take the initiative and stop touching at your will.

- If you cannot do hold still, muzzle control, and touching by yourself

If your dog resists, you should lock him. If you are not good at locking and he continues to resist, take the following method with the help of your family.

One person feeds from the front of your dog and the other holds him down and controls the muzzle while he is eating. All you have to do is switch between eating and muzzle control. Your dog will gradually get used to muzzle control and stop resisting, thinking that he will be rewarded if he accepts hold stills and muzzle control.

In the case of touching as well, feed the laying dog from the front. By switching between eating and touching, he will gradually get used to touching.


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