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"Touching" is the process of letting a dog lie down calmly and touching his body freely. It is one of the most important things to build a bond between a person and a dog, and it is also effective in making a dog subordinate.

The specific method is explained below.

When you start touching, make sure you have the same rug that you used for "Hold still" and "Muzzle control".

- First, lay a dog sideways in front of you.

First, put a dog in a "Hold still" state and hold his legs lightly. At this time, it is important that he relaxes his body.

After you hold both legs, slowly tilt his body forward to put him prone.

Next, lay his body on its side. Slowly collapse his hips and lay it on the collapsed side. After laying it down, move him to the front of you so that he is lying sideways in front of you.

Touching starts from this state.

If he resists and tries to get up before entering the touching state, try to hold him down. For large dogs, ride with your chest on his back in close contact. For small dogs, hold his legs and slowly lie down to lock his back properly with both elbows.

If he resists hard, he will resist more even if you hold it down with force, so try to lock it lightly.

- If you could lay him sideways, then proceed with touching.

It is important to touch every part of his body. Continue touching for 20 to 30 minutes.

Touch the entire body, including the tips of the paw and hind legs, the tips of the ears, the groin, and the crotch area.

The ends of his body like ears, mouth, toes, and tail are sensitive and also because they are the first parts to be injured when attacked by an enemy, dogs basically don't like having those parts touched.

If he doesn't hate having those parts touched, it is the ideal state.

When he feels stress, his body gets tightened up, but as you continue, it gradually begins to relax. If he falls asleep during touching, you can proceed with touching more effectively.


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