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The Risks of dogs and how to handle that

What kind of animal do you think dogs are like? Dogs have teeth. It is a dangerous weapon. It is better to think of dogs as animals that may use its teeth to bite you. Dog lovers may think, "No, dogs are not that dangerous". However, dogs are animals that can bite humans, and this is an unavoidable fact. We need to properly know the risks of dogs.

A lack of understanding can lead to a lack of proper training for your dog, which can make your dog more dangerous. Also, making light of your dog can court danger. This is not a good relationship for either humans or dogs. Dogs are not just a convenient toy for humans. They are alive, respectable animals and have emotions. They off course have negative emotions too. It doesn't mean that we should be afraid of dogs too much. It just means that we need to understand the nature of dogs and treat them correctly.

So, under what situations do dogs bite humans? Dogs bite when they are defending themselves, when they are panicking, or when they think they are better than humans. Unless you attack a dog, it's not willing to attack you so much. However, if it is startled by a loud noise or it faces a change in the situation, it will panic. In such cases, try to stay away from the dog until it calms down. Also, wrapping your dog in a large cloth or preparing a small space to help him calm down are good ideas.

There is data showing that the number of dogs running away from home increases dramatically on days when thunder is heard. It would be better to make sure the door is locked when your dog is panicking.

In order to grow a dog that will not bite people, it is necessary to train it correctly. As the basis of training, it is necessary to build a strong hierarchical relationship between humans and dogs. From human's point of view, there is a general belief that the relationship between a human and a human is equal and that it is not good to have a hierarchical relationship. However, this does not apply to dogs. Dogs need a hierarchical relationship in their society.

It is important to pay attention to your actions to build a hierarchical relationship because dogs put emphasis on small actions. For example, the way you look at a dog's eyes. Staring into their eyes or trying to read their faces are behaviour that a lower-ranking dog does to a higher-ranking dog.

We tend to do that without thinking, but if we are not careful, it may lead to building a false hierarchical relationship with dogs.


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