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The introduction of the pedigree of our Shiba Inu - NIPPO -

We'll introduce our stud dogs, from which our Shiba Inu's pedigree comes.

This is "Asyu-no-Tetsuyuki-Go".

When he was active, he got 6 "NIPPO Honbu Award", and was conferred the title of "Kanseiken", which means perfect dog.

Additionaly, he got "Yuryo Sanseki Soken Award", which means the third place of all young Shiba Inu in all Japan dog show. Besides these title, he got other many awards.

He is also excellent as a stud dog, he has produced many high quality dogs.

This dog is "Yamada-no-Sakura-Oh-Go", male and 7 years old.

He already retired from dog show, but when he was active, he got 4 times "NIPPO Honbu Award" and 5 times "Yuryo Isseki Jaken Award" in NIPPO dog show. He is excellent.

He also produced good results in breeding.

Many of his children got awarded in NIPPO dog show.

He is still very active as a stud dog. Many breeders which participate in dog show (even breeders in far distance) request mating their dog with him. We are expecting his further success.


This dog got 6 times "Nippo Honbu Award" in NIPPO dog show, and was conferred the title of "Kanseiken".

The mother of this dog is "Kyosei-no-Oka-Go", which got "Jun Saiko Award" in all japan dog show (it means she is the most excellent female Shiba Inu in all japan).

His pedigree is supreme. He also produced excellent results in breeding.


We every day work hard to produce high quality Shiba Inu with our fellow breeders, who also succeeded in dog show.

We'll post information about active Japanese dog in our fellow breeders from now on.


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