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The hunting instinct of Japanese dog

It is said that Japanese dog is "Shigei Ryozen (姿芸両全)".

"Shigei Ryozen" means possessing not only beautiful appearance but also strong heart and technique to confront prey.

Japanese dog has the hunting instinct, which is "Ryono (猟能)" in Japanese, by nature. And they brought out the "Ryono" when they fight with wild animals like Japanese boar.

Every dog has different hunting style. Some dogs head straight to boar, other dogs keep a distance and watch for an unguarded moment.When they bare their fang and confront prey, they look like the Samurai with sword.

The dog which can bite is not always the best hunting dog. The dog which can threat boar by bark, drive it to inescapable spot and call its owner is also excellent.

If you hear that Japanese dog can hunt, you may worry that it may be aggressive, but Japanese dog is definitely not fierce.Many dogs which are used for hunting at mountains are usually quiet and don't be bothered if strangers touch its body.Japanese dog have both "Ryosei (猟性)" (hunting competent) and "Ryosei (良性)" (obedience personality).


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