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The exercise for Shiba Inu puppy ( 7 months ~ 2 years after birth)

This is when your puppy starts to get some serious exercise. This period of exercise is an important part of your puppy's future body. Fully train your puppy's skeleton and body.

Basically, take your puppy out for exercise in the morning and evening.

If you exercise your puppy at a certain time each day, he/she will be prompted to do so at that time. Exercising at a certain time is perfect, but some people don't get as much time as they would like. In this case, try staggering your puppy's exercise time from the start, increasing or decreasing the amount of exercise, or changing the method in various ways so that the dog learns and is not prompted.

The average amount of exercise for a Shiba Inu is about from two to three kilometers at a time, and from five to six kilometers a day. However, if you're planning to go to a dog show, this isn't enough. You'll want to make sure your dog gets more exercise. Also, dogs with a good constitution are built with less exercise and are less likely to get out of shape.

You may walk several dogs together, but if you're going to go to a dog show, it's better to exercise one dog at a time. If you always exercise several dogs together, they will try to find other dogs at dog shows, or they may be frightened of the one-dog environment. Also, if you are walking your dog on a bike or other vehicle, you should start walking with your dog about half a month before the dog show.


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