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Shiba Inus are Sensitive to Wetness

Shiba Inus are Sensitive to Wetness

One of the biggest weaknesses of Shiba Inu is its weak skin.

In particular, if they are left wet, they may develop skin problems. But what do you think is the reason for this?

Shiba Inus are hard to dry

The fur of Japanese dogs, not just Shiba Inus, is a double coat.

The overcoat is thick and firm and protects the body, while the undercoat is thin and soft and serves to retain moisture and heat.

This structure is characterized by its resistance to water penetration when wet, but it also has the defect of the difficulties to dry once it has penetrated.

Even if you think you've dried your Shiba Inu thoroughly, you may find that some parts are still undried.

Shiba Inu' Parts which are Difficult to dry

The back, especially from the shoulders to the waist, is the spot which is most likely to get wet, and it is also the spot where the hair is dense.

Also, the area around the buttocks is densely covered with long hair, making it difficult to dry.

Even if the surface is dry, the inside can still be wet, so check them carefully.

On the other hand, the hair on the face, sides, and stomach is shorter and thinner, so it is easier to dry. Drying will help prevent skin diseases, so be sure to dry your dog thoroughly.


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