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Shiba Inu eating weeds during a walk

Dogs often find many things while walking.

They often try to eat weeds that grow along the roadside.

There are many reasons why dogs eat weeds, and it is said that they do so to nourish themselves with vitamins and minerals, or to feel refreshed by eating weeds and vomiting.

However, this behavior doesn't indicate that the dogs lack nutrition.

A paper of University of California published in 2008 concluded that this behavior can occur in healthy, well-nourished dogs

But, it is not recommended for dogs to eat weeds while walking.

Because it is unclear whether the weeds are clean and safe or not.

It could be contaminated with wildlife feces, pee, parasites, worms, and germs.

Nowadays, weeds may have been treated with herbicides, and it is better not to feed weeds for health reasons.

Instead, pet stores and home centers sell grass seeds for pets that you can grow yourself, so it may be interesting to try growing your own.


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