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Personality of Shiba Inu

From ancient time, Shiba Inu has been good partners with human as hunter dog. It is so intelligent, patient and brave enough to go against enemy.

Shiba Inu is also independent and stubborn. It can return to its home easily from far by himself.

Above all, Shiba Inu is really loyal to its owner, who it decides to serve, so if you discipline him adequately, it will be great partner to you.

Let's check the important points to communicate with Shiba Inu.

How to contact with Shiba Inu

It is important to keep some distance from Shiba Inu. You should not have physical contacts with Shiba Inu more than it needs. Shiba Inu is independent and has a lot of pride, so it doesn't want to be touched by others recklessly.

To establish a relationship of trust with Shiba Inu,you should adopt a dauntless attitude toward Shiba Inu and not spoil it too much.

Of course daily sufficient walk is also important.

(There would be individual differences in above explanation.)


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