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Meal and Exercise for Dog

Meal and exercise for dog. Any dog lover would have definitely considered about it

Even if special event is approaching for your dog, you don't have to feed your dog delicious food specially.

Rather, you should always be mindful of the food contents so that it is appropriate for dog.

Dogs should be given reasonably nutritious food rather than expensive or delicious.

(This picture is a joke. This dog usually eats food from a dog bowl.)

This is the same for exercise. Regular exercise is the most important thing.

If you are concerned about the dog's obesity or fabby body, the dog should exercise, but don't burden intense exercise suddenly. You should increase the intensity and time gradually. If you suddenly force extreme exercise, the dog may wreck its health conversely.

Also the same is true when changing the dog's meal to treat leanness and obesity.

If you suddenly change the content and amount of meals, it will cause the dog to wreck its health, so you should change that gradually.

To increase weight for large dogs and improve 乾燥度(Japanese:kansodo) for medium or small dogs, you should always consider about meal and exercise.

乾燥度 is a technical term for dogs. It means less subcutaneous connective tissue, less fat, thin skin, tough and elastic body.


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