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Living Environment for Shiba Inu Puppies

Shiba Inu is an ancient breed of dog and is genetically very close to wolf. Shiba Inu has very close behavioral patterns to wolf, one of which is the hierarchy.

When your dog thinks he is higher than humans in the hierarchy, it can get you in trouble.

It's not just that he stops obeying you. If he learn a wrong hierarchy, he will even try to outrank the creatures that are clearly stronger than he is, such as intimidating people or animals that are larger than he is.

This is a very dangerous situation for him. In addition to petting him, teaching him a correct hierarchy will help to keep him safe and mentally stable.

Also, if you want to discourage your dog from barking at people, we don't recommend keeping him tied up in the yard or letting him run loose like a guard dog.

Shiba Inu is territorial and a bit stubborn. If it perceives the entire yard or room as territorial, it will begin to act threateningly toward anyone who comes in.

To avoid this, you need to provide a secure, confined area, such as a kennel or cage.

Since Shiba Inu likes to burrow into tight places, a kennel with a door is a good choice if possible.

Occasionally it digs a hole in the garden and try to get inside.

This is a remnant of the wolf's characteristics. Wolf builds burrows and feel safe by going inside.

The owner should understand the characteristics of the dog and create a suitable living environment for each dog.

This is a great support for the body and mental health of your dog.


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