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Latest Updates on Our Group's Kennel Dogs!

Shiba Inu being judged at a dog show

Latest Updates on Our Group's Kennel Dogs!

Man holding up the winner's trophy

Last year, in Reiwa 5 (2023), at a dog show hosted by NIPPO, "Ai no Nishikiou-go" won its 6th Nippo-Honbu-sho Award and became a Kansei-Ken.

This "Ai no Nishikiou-go" has achieved even greater success at the spring dog shows of Reiwa 6 (2024).

From this season, a new "Kansei-Ken class" has been established exclusively at union dog shows. Remarkably, "Ai no Nishikiou-go" won the highest award in the Kansei-Ken class, the Nihonken Hozonkai Chairman's Award, at both the Chugoku union Show and the Kinki union Show!

The "Kansei-Ken class," as the name suggests, is a class where dogs that have won six Nippo-Honbu-sho Awards compete to determine the best among them.

Winning two Chairman's Awards in such a high-level stage, where dogs with the Kansei-Ken title compete, demonstrates that Ai no Nishikiou-go is an exceptional dog even among Kansei-Ken!

Shiba Inus waiting to be judged

The judging of the Kansei-Ken class was incredibly intense, incomparable to other classes.

Since this class determines the best among dogs that have earned the Kansei-Ken title, the handlers' determination was palpable.

The tension also reached the spectators, making the venue very quiet.

Amidst the intense gazes of the spectators, Ai no Nishikiou-go showcased his full potential.

I believe everyone in the venue was captivated by him.


Ai no Nishikiou-go's next stage is the NIPPO Grand National Dog Show to be held in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, on November 17, 2024.

We have high hopes that he might win the highest award this year.

The enthusiasm of his senior disciple handler is greater than ever this year.

I believe he can do it!

Although I am still inexperienced, I will work on improving my handling techniques and the conditioning of the dogs to be able to win the Nippo-Honbu-sho Award!

The results of the spring dog show were not great, and I ended up with results not even worth posting on the blog 💦.

However, I will adjust the schedule and other details to deliver Ai no Nishikiou-go's glorious appearance to everyone nationwide!

Stay tuned for the next post!


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