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The Kishu (紀州犬, Kishū-Ken, Kisyu dog) is a Japanese breed of dog. It is selected as a natural treasure of Japan.

Our kennel now starts to breed Kishu dogs.

We would like to preserve and increase the number of good old Kishu that have existed in Japan since ancient times, and make an effort to bring their charm to as many people as possible.

What is the Kishu?

The Kishu is a breed of dog that originated in the mountainous areas of Kishu region (now south-west of Wakayama and Mie prefectures) and was mainly kept as a hunting dog. In Japanese, Kishu-ken are named after the Kishu region. It is one of the six recognised Japanese breeds and is a medium-sized dog.

Most Kisyu dogs have white coat color, a muscular, slender body, a straight muzzle and a wolf-like Sashio tail (Types of tale: sickle), which is unusual in common dogs. It was selected as a Japanese natural treasure in Showa 9(in 1934).

The Kishu is a breed whose numbers have been declining rapidly in recent years, with the JKC (Japan Kennel Club) registering the lowest number of Kishu among Japanese dogs, and by 2021 the annual number of Kishu registered with the NIPPO had fallen to 246.

Originally used to hunt wild boar, the Kisih is attractive with a muscular, taut body and piercing eyes. It is said that the Kishu is able to hunt a medium-sized boar on its own if trained.

If you intend to use it as a guard dog, you may need to be a little careful. The Kishu is a patient and alert dog, which makes it a good watchdog, but the Kishu does not bark much, which is one of the characteristics of large hunting dogs. In other words, they are good at repelling rather than driving away.

Of course, if trained properly, they will follow humans faithfully. They have a loyal character and once they have gained your trust they will do their utmost to meet your expectations.

Would you like to meet a dignified and noble Kishu?


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