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How to do "Leader walk" vol2

・ When you and your dog get used to "One-step stop", then start walking freely

If you and your dog get used to "One-step stop", try increasing the distance gradually, like 5, 10 steps and longer.

The important thing is also not to speak. You may have seen that dog trainers gives order while walking, but that would be in the subject of "脚側行進" (leg-side marching) in obedience training. You don't have to do that in daily walking.

No matter who walks with your dog, your dog has to walk in the same way. So, please practice "Leader walk" with all of your family members.

Ideally, when you stop, your dog should automatically stop, sit down and look up to you.

If your dog begins to show obedience voluntarily without you giving any orders, then stroke his head and praise him to let him know that he is doing the right thing.

・ Dogs are not happy if they get praised?

It may seem surprising, but being praised is not a happy thing for dogs.

Praising tells your dog just that he did the right thing.

So you don't have to praise him so much. There are many owners who overly praise dogs, but dogs make it feel like the owner is flattering him.

    If they continue this, dogs get more and more selfish and start looking down on them.

・ How to correct dogs that walks ahead of you or dogs that tend to be late

To train a dog that walks ahead of you, turning left training is effective. As soon as your dog's head goes ahead of your foot, you turn left. Your dog walks on the left side, so you will almost bump into him and he will avoid it neatly.

By this training, he will learn to pay more attention to your movements and not to go ahead of you.

Furthermore, continuing to rotate counterclockwise is also effective.

If you continue to rotate counterclockwise, you will keep approaching him and he will keep stepping back and retreat. You should approach him as close as you step his front legs, he will pay more attention to your movements.

On the other hand, for dogs that walk too slowly, turning to the right training is effective.

If you turn to the right, your dog will fall further behind and he will think he has to walk faster.

It is also important to let your dogs stop smelling the ground. When he smells the ground, turn to the left (towards your dog) to stop it.


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