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How to Discipline Shiba Inu Puppy

Shiba Inu is a smart breed, so there is basically no problem in letting it behave naturally. However, depending on how we handle it, it may develop problematic behaviors such as chewing habits. It is advisable to discipline your dog with manners according to its nature, not by yelling or being violent.

Muzzle Control If you're playing with your puppy and he's doing something bad or getting too excited, you can hold his muzzle (the protruding part of his face consisting of his nose, mouth and jaw) with your hand to calm him down. A mother dog uses her big mouth to hold a puppy's mouth when he is acting too much. It doesn't matter if he resists or not. This is a way to teach your puppy an attitude towards those who are stronger than him. This is very important for dogs as they lives with a hierarchy in a group. Regarding the method of muzzle control, it is not a good idea to do it suddenly when he acts problematic behavior. Rather, it is recommended to do it when he is tired after playing, so that he easily calms down and you can make it a habit.

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Turn Your Puppy Over and Pat Its Belly. The mother dog often flips the puppy over and pushes its belly. This is another way to teach the hierarchy in a group. Dogs have a habit of lying down and showing its belly when a superior comes along. This is important to protect themselves when they grow up. (Image from "")

Hold Your Puppy From Behind The above two methods can be effective to teach dogs the hierarchy by doing them on a regular basis. If your puppy already disobeys you, he won't let you touch its belly or hold its muzzle. In that case, it's effective to come around behind him and gently hug him when he is tired. If he is still energetic, he will resist, so try to tire him out by letting them run around. With perseverance, he will eventually learn about the hierarchy.


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