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How to deal with shedding season in Shiba Inu.

In spring and autumn, Shiba Inus go through shedding seasons and shed a lot of fur.

People who keep their dogs indoors are probably troubled by a lot of fur coming out from everywhere in the house.

It may be tangled in the carpet, stuck to your clothes, or lodged in the cracks of the furniture.

It is important to take measures for shedding seasons.

The most effective way is to brush your dog every day.

It's a hassle, but preventing at source is the most efficient way.

Many types of brushes and combs for pets are available, so it is recommended to use several different types.

For fur on carpets, clothes, and other fabric products, you can use rubber gloves to wipe it off. This method is not suitable for removing small hair, but it is good for removing a lot of hair roughly. It also has an advantage that it can be used on any shape.

On the other hand, adhesive tape is suitable for removing small hair.

Duct tape can be used, but special adhesive tape for pets has strong adhesive power and is very effective.


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