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How to deal with dog's behavior problems

■ How to deal with dog's behavior problems

Living with dogs in a house can cause a lot of problems, but don't scold them. By scolding aloud, you encourage your dog's bad behavior. Please try the following way instead.

・ Ignore

For example, if your dog smells food and demands it by jumping while you prepare food in the kitchen, ignore it altogether.

If you ignore it, your dog will calm down. Even if your dog sits quietly, it’s not a special thing, so do not praise it. Even if your dog requests it, it is important to ignore it and reject it.

・ How to punish

If ignoring doesn't stop your dog's bad behavior, consider a punishment method that can provide physical discomfort to your dog. The effective way is doing that without saying anything and pretending that you don't know anything about the punishment.

・ Punishment using a PET bottle

Put a small amount of water in an empty plastic bottle. When you want to stop your dog's bad behavior, like when your dog gets on the sofa, throw this plastic bottle to the sofa. At this time, it is important to make this bottle flying look like it occurred naturally. Even if this PET bottle hits, your dog will not be injured, so it is a safe method.

・ A punishment method using a spray of vinegar and water

Mix vinegar and water fifty-fifty and put them in a spray bottle. Spray this on your dog, for example if your dog is barking all the time while answering the phone. When your dog is barking, it will inhale the atomized vinegar. This makes your dog feel uncomfortable.

(The photo shows an empty misting sprayer. Actually, do not spray at close range or directly into the eyes or mouth)

・ Ignore your dog silently and give a punishment

The important thing when giving a punishment is, it's OK to be seen by the dog, but that you do it without saying anything and pretend like you don't know anything about it.

If you punish your dog by telling them to stop directly, your dog will just feel distrust of you.

In order not to cause that, it is important to give punishment while ignoring your dog.


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