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Conflict Between a Dog's Feelings and Commands

After running around freely in a dog run or a large park, the dog may pretend not to hear its owner when its owner tells the dog “we are leaving now”, scurrying around and sniffing the area. 

This is their appealing way of not wanting to go back by showing that they are looking for something, or that they can't hear its owner because they are worried about the smell.

It is not particular about Shiba Inu, but in some cases, when a owner started to go back after enjoying hunting with an excellent hound, its dog suddenly assumed a posture as if it had found its prey, and the owner hurriedly looked around, but there was no prey at all.

This act will have come out of the dog's will of wanting to play more.

For a dog, its owner is the leader.

Dogs are very smart and understand that they should not disobey orders.

That's why they behave in this way.

Dogs are thinking and struggling in their own way.

Don't get too angry with your dog for lying or cheating. They have a cute conflict of mind behind it.


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