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About the black and white parts of a black-coated Shiba Inu's face

Q. I've been noticing something about black-coated Shiba Inus. In the past, the area from the nose bridge to the rhinarium (tip of the nose) was completely black and connected.

However, in recent Shiba Inus, there are dogs where white hairs are mixed within the black hairs between the nose bridge and the rhinarium. Is this acceptable?

A. The area of the nose bridge must be entirely black and should not include any white dull or spotted points.

Additionally, the division between the black and white parts should be distinct and well-defined.

It's not desirable for the color to fade into a vague white haze towards the upper part of the face.

"Yotsume (四つ目)" (The white spots resembling an eyebrow above the eyes) should not be connected.

Furthermore, having small white markings below the eyes is preferred.

The recent trend of having white markings that appear wrapped around the neckline like a necklace is not desirable.

Such Shiba Inus are, in fact, a form of degeneration.

Quoted from the Japanese Dog Preservation Society (NIPPO) website.


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