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5 important things in how to take leadership against a dog

■ 5 important things in how to take leadership against a dog

The most important thing to take leadership against a dog is that all family members become solid leaders for the dog.

When you have one dog in a house, the whole house becomes a herd for the dog. A herd of dogs society has a complete vertical hierarchy, with the leader at the top.

If the dog is subordinate to family members, which means that the order of the hierarchy is the father, mother, children, and the dog comes last, there will be no problem.

However, when the dog's rank goes up, it starts to cause problem behavior.

5 important points for taking leadership

・ 1) Don't satisfy the demands of dogs

Dogs make various demands on their owners daily by barking, clinging to your feet, and jumping, but ignore the dog's demands and do not respond to them.

・ 2) The owner must have priority for everything

The owner must move first for anything. For example, when opening the door

and leaving the room, you go out first. Don't let the dog go first. The same is true for meals. Feed the dog after the family has finished eating. By clearly indicating priorities, dogs recognize that their owners are leaders.

・ 3) Don't place the dog higher than you

When you sleep in bed, the dog should sleep on the floor. When you are sitting on the sofa, the dog should sit on the floor. Make a difference in hierarchy by height. Keep your dog low at all times. Never raise it to a high place.

・ 4) Don't talk exaggeratedly

Since we speak words, we tend to talk to dogs. However, since dogs do not speak words, they feel we are flattering them if we talk to them. It is important not to talk to them when it's not necessary.

・ 5) Don't look

In dog's society, the lower rank ones see the upper one's actions and follow them.

Therefore, it is important that the upper rank ones do not see the lower ones.

If the whole family pays attention to dogs, they always feel that they are in the spotlight. Then, they will gradually feel they are high-ranked boss-like existences.

Even if you want to see a dog, pretend not to see it. Even if you feel that you are being seen by a dog, please look away intentionally.


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