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The mysterious dog, Shibainu which has lived with Japanese from ancient times.

Hello. We are breeders specializing in Shiba Inu puppies for sale, and sending them from JAPAN to OVERSEAS.


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우리 농장
Our origin is

Hello. We are breeders specializing in Shiba Inu puppies for sale, and sending them from JAPAN to OVERSEAS.

Our kennel has been specializing in Shibainu breeding business in the calm rural countryside of Anan city, Tokushima prefecture, along with our family and staff.

We have been fascinated by the essential charm of Shiba Inus and have spent much of our lives walking with them.

Now, I can’t imagine a life without Shiba Inus.

We would like to transmit the attraction of Shibainu that enchant us this much, and do our best to enhance Shibainu’s quality.

Our motto is “our foundation is family”. Not only our relatives, but also staff, customer and dogs are family.
We would like to take good care of them wholeheartedly for a long time.

Our Policy
강아지를 키우는 육종가들

We are Japanese Shibainu breeders in Japan. We have been studying and breeding on dogs defined standard values by Public Interest Incorporated Association, Japanese dog Preservation Society (NIPPO) for many years.


We took part in some shows held by NIPPO to study, and comprehend our dog’s result. Our kennels and other family group kennels were given many valuable prizes.


A lot of dogs from our kennels are succeed in shows held all over the country now, because we breed based on dogs given prizes, for example, HQ prize or all over Japan prize, and so on, premeditatedly. That is reason our dogs are winning a prize in Japan.


Our dogs have great abilities of not only winning show but also good partner as pets. So our hope is to spread correct knowledges of Shibainu to all over the world. We’re making an effort to breed dogs every day in order to that purpose.


In case of customers questions written by English, we’ll be able to respond to you as soon as possible. From advices before your decision to supports after your buying dogs, we’ll help you. You can send to us e-mail freely! We’ll give you Japanese top quality level of Shibainus.

+ About procedure and expenses regarding import and export from Japan.

Export and Import
Preparations required for export

To export from Japan, the dog will need to have health certificate issued by private veterinarian before departure. After the export inspection at the time of departure, export quarantine certificate written in English will be issued.

Besides, there are conditions decided by the import countries.(for example, vaccination for rabies, setting microchip, blood inspection, etc). We would like you to examine the conditions by contacting to your country's embassy, and teach us. According to the conditions, we would like to make estimates and prepare documents.

On Below web page, thera are informations about export dogs from Japan in various languages. Please confirm.

  ( )

해변에 있는 시바견들
About dog price

The Shiba Inu price would vary depending on the quality and type of the individuals.

Pet type   250,000yen or more
Show type  400.000yen or more

The show type dog's price will be decided according to the standard set by Japan Dog Preservation Society. The dog which has less fault will be more expensive. Regardless of the dog type, price will vary depending on the level of the individuals.

If you have requests about puppy’s sex, color, show or pet type, price and so on, please let us know. We will be able to introduce puppies that fit you.

Our Shiba Inu's coat colors are red, black, and white.
Sesame color is currently not available.

We are a group breeding Mameshiba.
Please contact us if you are interested.

초원 속의 시바견

Above prices include quarantine, transportation and breeding expenses.

Quarantine expenses is for satisfying the quarantine condition of import countries, like vaccination, microchip setting and blood test.

Transportation expenses includes freight fee for animals, travel expenses and accomodation fee for carry staff (it vary depending on how far the destination is).

Breeding expenses is for breeding your dog after the contract is made. It takes many days to prepare for the quarantine, and incur 500 yen per day to breed your dog in a responsible way until the departure. Above expense examples are calculated assuming preparation period is 30 days.

These are calculated according to the quarantine conditions as of 2018.
Quarantine condition is different at each country. Expenses vary according to that.
There are cases that quarantine condition changes in the future, so we would like you to examine your countries quarantine condition by contacting embassy to make estimates.

Except for the countries above, we can export to any countries. Please examine your country's quarantine conditions by contacting embassy.

The expense examples of our former export

Below are the destinations and expenses of our former export.

시바견 강아지가 이쪽을 바라보고 있다

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295, Kuroji, Nakagawacho, Ananshi, Tokushimaken, Japan 779-1121

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