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Kanto KC All-Breed Dog Show in May 28, 2023

Kanto KC All-Breed Dog Show

May 28, 2023 Held at Tamamae Ryokuchi Park, Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture

This time, the youngest member of our kennel participated as a handler!

She will challenge as a handler for the first time at a KCJ show.

At this show, Mr. Ryu from KKC (Korean Kennel Club) came as a judge for all breeds!

In addition, Mr. Punk Machida, who is often active on Japanese TV, will be the judge for the Baby Match Show!

Homare participated in the Baby Class. She did her best to fully demonstrate the results of her training up to today.

On this day, Homare had a more solid posture than usual and listened well to the handler’s instructions.

Perhaps she is the type who is strong in actual performance.

She is usually a spoiled child, but during the judging, she is sharp.

And the result is…

Our Homare was selected as BIS (Best in Show) in the Baby Match Class!!

As her name suggests (Homare means “honor” in Japanese), she won honor!!

She looked very happy!!

We are very much looking forward to Homare’s future activities at KCJ shows!


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