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She is a red female, born 18 May 2024. She has a very classy face at the moment.
She has a beautiful eye shape and we believe that as she grows and her coat opens she will have a beautiful almond eye shape.
Her proboscis is also female-like in thickness and shape and we believe that in the future she will be a beautiful Shiba Inu with a very elegant facial balance.
The parents are also very beautiful dogs.
The father is slightly smaller than the standard size of a male Shiba Inu, but has a male-like and elegant face.
He has a very beautiful eye shape and his eyes have the power to attract the viewer.
The mother dog is also slightly smaller but within standard size.
She has a very classy face and has a very good balance of facial parts.
The shape and thickness of her proboscis is just right and her eye shape is beautiful.
Neither of her parents have any awards to their name, but both of their ancestors have a number of dogs that have been successful at exhibitions.

She has a very good temperament and is not afraid of new places or new people touching her. She has a good Japanese atmosphere with a leader's temperament when allowed to spend time with other dogs.


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Shibainu Puppy | Female born on May 18

Coat Color: red
  • Puppy information

    • Birthday - 2024/5/18
    • Sex - mFeale
    • Coat Color - Red
    • Please send us a message through “Contact” for more information about the puppy or to purchase.
    • Registration - The puppy will be registered for their pedigree with KC(The Kennel Club) .

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