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Introducing our newest addition to the family, a beautiful female Shiba Inu puppy born on November 23. With a sleek black coat and a beautiful body shape, she truly embodies the classic Japanese dog breed. This little baby comes from an excellent pedigree and has been raised in our specialized kennel, where she has been nurtured and socialized as part of our family. As she grows, her friendly and playful nature is becoming more and more apparent, making her the perfect partner for any family. We invite you to watch the cute video and see for yourself just how active and lovely this little Shiba Inu is.


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Shibainu Puppy | Female born on November 23

Coat Color: Black
  • Puppy information

    • Birthday - 2023/11/23
    • Sex - Female
    • Coat Color - Black
    • Please send us a message through “Contact” for more information about the puppy or to purchase.
    • Registration - The puppy will be registered for their pedigree with KC(The Kennel Club) .

about this puppy

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