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● What is the "冴え" (sae) concerning Coat Color of Shiba Inu?

Q: What does "冴え" (sae) mean concerning coat color? It seems to be perceived as a dog with beautiful fur quality. How should we interpret this notion of "冴え"?

A: "冴え" (sae) ultimately refers to the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, a profound Japanese sense of elegance, particularly found in Janese nature.

Shiba Inus should be evaluated based on such refined elegance.

Their evaluation should not be influenced solely by the cleanliness or vividness of their fur color and quality.

n traditional Japanese paintings, there are depictions of quails with a subdued and Wabi-Sabi sense. Likewise, wild animals such as rabbits, pheasants, and ducks exhibit muted yet beautiful colors.

These colors are not artificial like the ones found in department store clothing but are the enchanting hues of nature itself.

When you feel uncertain or unsure about Shiba Inus and their qualities, take some time to immerse yourself in Japan's natural surroundings.

Listen to the songs of wild birds and observe the falling autumn leaves, fostering a mindset of contemplation about the dogs. It is crucial to embrace openness and broadness of heart.

Remember, the sky is not always a constant clear blue; it undergoes various color changes day by day.

This is also the beauty of Japan's changing seasons. Natural beauty is just like that, and the beauty of Shiba Inus lies in their natural elegance.


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