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Why do dogs bite while playing? How to stop them from doing it?

Dogs often bite their owners' feet or hands while playing.

Owners think it is just a play, but why do dogs bite while playing?

When welcoming a puppy home, there are many owners who treat the dog like a human and feel sorry for him if they don't play with him.

However, dogs do not naturally play like human children, so it's not necessary to play with them.

When an owner plays with a dog, the dog treats the owner as a playmate and uses its teeth against the owner while playing.

This play bite is actually not play for dogs, but an action that comes from their instinct to take superiority and dominate others.

Dogs test their strength through play.

For example, if 5 puppies are born, even siblings must be ranked from 1 to 5.

There is no equal relationship among dogs. Puppies play and bite every day to determine the rank.

When a puppy that has grown up in this way is welcomed in a family, he will naturally do the play bite to determine the rank, but since dogs must be subordinate to humans, do not let him do that.

Make sure that you never let him touch his teeth to any family members.

If your dog clings to bite your feet or trousers, or bite your hand when you hug him, it's important to ignore it silently.

For example, if he comes to your feet and tries to bite you when you are walking, you should keep walking so that he can't bite you.

If he tries to bite you when you hug him, ignore it silently and put him down.


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