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To live with Your Shiba Inu for a Long Time Vol.2

The life expectancy of Shiba Inus has increased compared to the past. One reason for this is food.

Originally it was thought that plain food was good for Shiba Inus. However, this does not mean that biologically they do not need proper nutrition.

It just means that Shiba Inus can tolerate plain food, and that the amount of food given to dogs nowadays is often larger than is appropriate, which can cause illness.

Therefore, it is better to feed a smaller amount than what everyone thinks it should be.

Particularly, older dogs are less active and require less nutrition, so the owner will need to adjust the amount of food appropriately.

It goes without saying that it is better to eat well than not to eat at all, but it is not good to feed only what your dog wants from the point of health care.

You should adjust the amount of food according to your dog's physical condition so that your dog does not get too fat or too thin.

Many pet owners tend to give their dogs more and more food because they think their dog is cute, but once a dog gets fat, it is very difficult to make it lose weight.

Unlike humans, it is not recommended to exercise a dog to lose weight.

If a dog is exercised so hard to loses weight, it will cause the dog to become sick.

It is better to help them lose weight by adjusting the quality and quantity of their daily food.

If you choose a low-calorie diet, you won't have to reduce the amount of food your dog eats so much, and it will be less stressful for your dog.

Your dog's lifespan is under your control, and taking care of the daily food will help you to be with your dog for a longer time.


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