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The True Goodness of the Shiba Inu 1

The ideal form of the Shiba Inu is shown in the Japanese Dog Standard.

Except for body size, most of the common standards for medium-sized dogs are applied to the Shiba Inu too.

The same can be said for their main aspects as dogs, but apart from that, small dogs have a certain value in existence as small dogs.

Not only do they have to have beautiful bodies, but also their bodies have to be able to function well.

An elderly man who has been studying Japanese dogs for a long time and is very familiar with the Shiba Inu said, "A long time ago, I saw a Shiba Inu in a village deep in Nagano Prefecture.

The dog had been bitten by a big dog and was badly injured.

He had to be stitched up in the hospital, but the dog didn't scream while he was being stitched up.

And when he met the big dog again later, he headed to it with an unchanging attitude."

Another person said, "To see the goodness of a Shiba Inu, throw a pebble at it and observe how the dog moves when you do.

Unlike larger dogs, they are very agile.

The way it walks is also different.

The pitch is fast, the back does not sway, and the direction changes are quick.

A good Shiba Inu can easily do these moves.

People who care about the color of their fur or whether they have neat teeth will never be able to understand the true goodness of the Shiba Inu”.


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