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The important points to be careful when taking a walk with your dog Part 2

■ Before going for a walk, calm your dog first

Many dogs jump into the street when going for a walk, but you should calm your dog before going outside. If he tries to go outside before you, silently close the door first to prevent it. By repeating this several times, he will not try to get out first. After calming him, you should go outside before him. Always take the initiative and do anything before your dog. It shows you are superior to him.

■ The lead should be loosened during a walk

It's a common sight that dogs walk in front of the owner and pull. For dogs, this situation means the dog is superior to the owner because he is leading, he is guiding the owner.

To prevent this from happening, it is important that the owner always takes the initiative and does not let the dog do what he wants freely, including smelling the ground, which dogs always do in a walk.

Ideally, the lead should always be loosened during a walk.

If the lead is stretched, which means the owner pulls the lead, the dog also pulls the lead to the other direction. By repeatedly pulling the lead, the dog will get in the habit of always pulling the lead.

So if the lead is stretched, you should get closer to your dog and loosen the lead first. Once the lead is loosened, you will be able to pull the lead hastily, then try to change direction.

■ How to cope with dogs which dislike leads

Some dogs are stubbornly reluctant to wear leads and collars. There are two main cases for this.

The first is the case where the dog is afraid of the outside world and does not want to go out. In this case, it means that the dog is not accustomed to the outside world, so it's OK to embrace and carry him, you need to take him to various environments and make him get used to it.

The other is the case where the dog is dissatisfied with not being able to move as much as he wants when he wears the lead.

Some dogs even bite the lead in an attempt to prevent being pulled by their owner.

In this case, it is important to get dogs used to the lead first.

The effective way of realizing this is to let dogs wear the lead always, or let dogs practice wearing a collar all year round.

It is also effective to use a reward when practicing. Prepare a delicious reward so that when your dog puts on the lead or collar, he will also be rewarded at the same time. While you're feeding, simply put the lead and collar

on your dog and gradually get him used to it.

■ How to cope with barking or jumping at other dogs

It's also a common sight that walking dogs bark at each other. The owner will say "Stop", but in fact, this will fuel the dog's excitement. Instead of calling out, the owner should control the lead without saying anything.

The trick to pulling a lead is to pull it from a loose state. When the lead is taut, your dog will resist no matter how much you pull it, and you will not be able to control it well. If you pull it out of the loose state, your dog will be pulled abruptly and cannot resist.

If you are silent and calm, your dog can be calm too.

■ How to train dogs that have a habit of picking up foods and eating during a walk

If your dog has a habit of picking up food and eating that during a walk, it's because you allow him to do that.

To stop the habit, you have to pull the lead at the moment your dog tries to pick up food, and convey an unpleasant sensation to his neck. When you pull the lead, it is important to pull it from the loose state. If you repeat this many times, he will understand that he can't act freely without your permission.

Let's practice by using food.

First, drop the food on the ground, and when your dog takes action to eat, pull the lead and lock him. Instead of letting him pick up and eat, you pick up the food and feed it from your hands.

It teaches your dog that food comes from the hands of humans. If you repeat this, even if you drop the food, he will not go to pick it up. Once he gets used to it, try to deliberately throw food and walk around that. It is important to take good lead control so that he does not smell it.

If you practice, your dog will understand that, no matter how delicious it smells, he will never be able to act on his own. And he understands that the reward is always given from human hands, and he should not not pick up and eat it.


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