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The important points to be careful when taking a walk with your dog Part 1

1. You don't have to take your dog for a walk every day

Many people who have dogs think they have to walk them twice a day, morning and evening.

It may seem surprising, but the fact is that dogs want to go for a walk because it's a habit, and if they don't have a habit of going for a walk, they won't be stressed even if they don't go for a walk.

It is important to let dogs understand that who decides to go for a walk is the owner, not dogs, so sometimes they can't go for the owner's reason.

2. Go for a walk irregularly without fixing a time

Many people think that they have to fix a time for a walk and do it regularly, but if they fix a time for food and a walk, their dog will start demanding when the time comes.

If you satisfy your dog's request every time, he will learn that you will satisfy everything if he wants, and will even think that he has trained you well.

It is important to go for a walk at the time the owner wants to go, without responding to the dog's request and without fixing a time.

3. Walk a different route each time

When taking a walk, always try to change the route irregularly instead of walking in a certain place or on the same route.

If you walk the same route, your dog will become aware of the territory and will also bark at other dogs passing by on the way.

It is also important for the owner to always take the initiative and walk by the "Leader Walk".

4. Do not let your dog do markings or excretion along the way

It is also important not to let your dog mark or pee freely during the walk. If it is in an allowed place and in the range of the reed, it is acceptable to let your dog sniff around and excrete.

But basically you have to let him excrete at home.

It is important to separate walk and excretion, and you shouldn't take your dog for a walk before he excretes at home.

If you let your dog excrete during the walk, he will make it a habit and no longer excrete unless you go for a walk.

If by any chance your dog excrete during the walk, stop the walk immediately and go home. Dogs have a very high memory, so he remembers that the walk ended because he excreted during the walk.

And he thinks, "In that case, it is better not to excrete during the walk."


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