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The Goodness of Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu owners have their Shiba Inus of course because they like them, but if they are asked, "What is the true goodness of Shiba Inu?", they will be at a loss for a reply.

"Cute", "I like Shiba Inu's personality" are common reasons, but is that really all there is to it?

Japanese dogs other than the Shiba Inu are also very good, and Western dogs are wonderful as well.

I once went to a Western dog show and was impressed by their sophisticated figure.

Every kind breed dog has some good points and I appreciate them.

However, even though I fully acknowledge their goodness, I still want to keep a Shiba Inu. Every Shiba Inu owner will understand this feeling.

I often see a variety of dogs on TV and in magazines. They are all well groomed and very gorgeous. They are graceful, lovely and beautiful.

Compared to those dogs, Shiba Inu may seem plain and simple at first glance. But in other words, Shiba Inu is very natural. And it has a different kind of indescribable beauty to it. For example, the beauty of a fountain is different from the beauty of a flowing stream, even if they are both water art.

There is a Japanese expression, "渋い(Shibui)," which refers to the naturalness and simplicity of the Shiba Inu, and means a deep sense of goodness as opposed to flashy goodness.

Why don't you enjoy the "Shibui" part of the Shiba Inu?


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