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The Feeling of Few Months Old Puppies

When a few months old puppy is separated from its parents and starts living with its new owner, the puppy feels great anxiety.

This is because the environments have changed completely, and the surroundings around the puppy are filled with unfamiliar houses, family members and landscape

But don't worry about the puppy. All you need to do is to breed it as a member of the family and teach the rules of the family without caring too much.

Japanese dog is smart and fast learner.

Especially, Shiba Inu is the most sociable and friendly Japanese dog.

However, you may be troubled by your puppy’s “Crying at night”. It's not surprising. Your puppy had lived with its parents and siblings, but now they are gone and people around are stranger. The puppy is lonely and cry.

“Crying at night” lasts a few days on average, but it depends on the individuals, some puppies don't cry at all, and others cry for a week.

Puppies will stop crying when someone approaches. But don't do it. You may think it is pitiful, but when you do it, they become selfish and comes to bark in vain. It is important to be patient for discipline.

“Crying at night” is loud and may annoy the neighborhood, so it is advisable to explain the situation in advance.


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