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The exercise for Shiba Inu puppy (3-7 months after birth)

The exercise for Shiba Inu puppy

3-7 months after birth

When your puppy starts to move a lot, you should start preparing to take him outdoors.

Some puppies may be reluctant to wear a collar at first, but they'll get used to it soon.

In the beginning, a light walk around the house is enough to help them learn to get around the house rather than exercise. Then try to gradually expand the walking area.

At first, your puppy won't walk well, he will stagger, tangle around your feet, and wander around. Teach him how to walk with good control of the lead.

If your puppy has a strong personality and tries to walk on his own by pulling on the lead, walk together and teach him not to walk ahead of you.

If your puppy is cautious and won't walk forward because he is concerned about his surroundings, talk to him and walk a little at a time. Never yank the lead too aggressively.

Get him used to it slowly so that he can have more confidence.

The above two types are the two main common reactions when a puppy goes out for the first time.

In this first time walking period, his natural personality begins to show.

Japanese dogs have a common personality, but not all of them are the same.

A dog with a strong personality can have a powerful stance, while a dog with cautious personality will listen to you well.

Get to know your puppy well and try to treat him according to his personality.


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