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The daily life of Shiba Inu breeder - NIPPO -

We (me, my parents, my brother, sister and other staff who loves dogs) are carrying on Shiba Inu breeding business in Tokushima prefecture. We are working cheerfully to breed high quality Shiba Inu, which conforms to the standard set by Japanese Dog Preservation Society (NIPPO). We are willing to spread the information about Japanese Dog throughout the world to transmit how wonderful Japanese Dog is, which is harmonized with Japanese culture and nature. = Daily routine of Shiba Inu breeder = We get up at 5:00 AM every day. First of all, we take about 100 dogs for a walk by 5 family members. Each family members takes 6 dogs per 1 walk, gripping 6 leads, for about 20 minutes walk. It takes about 1 hour and a half to finish all dog's walk. After the walk, we feed dogs food and water. At 7:00 AM, our family have breakfast together. After that, children go to school. At 9:00 AM, four other staffs come to work. We clean kennel and take care of dogs and puppies. When the whole work is finished, it is already 2:00 PM. The staffs leave work at that time. After that, we start training dogs, which are going to attend dog show. At 4:00 PM, we finish the training and get them have a rest. At 5:00 PM we start taking dogs for a walk again. When it's finished, it's already 8:00 PM. We have dinner together. My friends are wondering "How can you, such a young girl, continue to work so hard without having holidays?" Surely, many of my friends already got married. On the other hand, my life is centered on dogs, and I don't have much opportunity to meet guys, I might miss the marriage chance. But I'm very happy with this life.


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