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● Tips for Realizing Good Handling at Dog Shows

Q: At dog shows, it seems that "neck hanging handling," which involves strongly pulling the leash to lift the dog's neck, should not be done.

What then is considered good handling? Please tell me if there are any practice methods.

A: At dog shows, some handlers resort to "neck hanging handling" to correct the dog's posture or to make the dog's face look bigger or to compensate for differences in the angles of the front legs, among other reasons. However, "neck hanging handling" should never be used under any circumstances.

Instead of relying on such practices, it is essential to establish good communication between the dog and the owner through leash training in everyday practice.

By doing so, natural and effective handling will occur at dog shows.

Not only the dog but also the handler's mental state is crucial at dog shows.

Even if the dog maintains an impressive posture and shows no fear towards other dogs, if the handler appears anxious, worried about the dog's performance, or becomes forceful in moving the dog, the handler's emotional instability will be conveyed to the dog.

Sufficient communication during regular training leads to natural behavior and composure during the actual show.

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