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Shiba Inu's legs Vol.2

Hind legs The hind legs are important from the point of the dog's exercise skills. It consists of the hip, upper thigh, leg, lower thigh, rear pastern(ushiro-tsunagi), and hind foot.

--- Hind legs should step on the ground firmly ---

Hind Legs should be strong and sturdy, resilient and robust. Good joint angles and hind legs strength are the key points to achieve that.

---Hock joints should be strong and hindfoot should be tight. ---

The hock joint works in conjunction with the stifle joint and has an important role in athletic performance.

This is the same as hindlegs. The strength and good angle of the joint are important. The lack of angle, hind leg opening, and weak hips, which are occasionally seen, are not ideal hind legs.

The width of the legs is also important. A well-balanced and strong width of the legs is proof of the correctness of the connection and structure of each body part.

Correct position of the four legs.

The width of the forefoot should be the same as the width of the chest. A wide step, a narrow step, or an outwardly-curved O-shaped step is not considered good.

The width of the hindlegs should be the same as the width of the hips, but it is often a little wider.

However, too wide or too narrow a step is not good.

Also, the standing posture with which the hind legs look "X" from behind (the hock joint is as the center of X) is not good.


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