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Shiba Inu's legs Vol.1

NIPPO (Japanese Dog Preservation Society) establishes the Japanese Dog Standard. The purpose of this standard is to preserve and develop the traditional Japanese dog form, and dog shows are also held in accordance with this standard. We will tell you about the ideal form of the dog's legs defined by the Japanese Dog Standards.

Forelegs ---The scapulae should be moderately inclined. ---

The forelegs are made up of the scapula, upper arm, forearm, pastern(mae-tsunagi), and toe, and each joint forms the shapes and angles of the Japanese dog.

It is said that the forelegs support 60% of the dog's weight. Therefore, the angle of the bones, muscles and joints have a big influence on their function.

Thin bones, loose muscles, incorrect angles, and abduction of the elbow are not evaluated. -

--Forearms should be straight and forefoot should be tight. ---

“Forearms should be straight” means that it should be straight by looking from both the front and the side.

“forefoot should be tight” means the grip of the toe should be tight, and the fingers should be rounded and have moderate thickness.

The fingers should be clenched forcefully without separating.

The nails should be short and hard. This is because the nails of a dog with a good grip will be sharpened by exercise and will be of an appropriate length.

Generally speaking, the color of the nails should be black, but it is not necessary. However, as dark a color as possible is preferable.


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