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Protecting the Japanese Dog's Nature

There is a tendency to put too much emphasis on dog's eye-catching appearance like cuteness or elegance to gain popularity.

Although some people urge the necessity of dog’s nature, in competitions, many people value the dog's appearance and give a first priority to that when they breed dogs. But, by undervaluing the inborn nature of dogs, it promotes the tendency to treat dogs as toy.

When people pursue their preferences, they tend to depart from nature and are inclined to technical things too much. Of course, this is not only about dogs.

We think, in order to raise a dog healthy, it is important to stay away from civilization and not add the artificial intention and technique. In brief, it is to protect the inborn nature of dog. Isn't it the most important thing? The main reason people have dogs is because they like them, not they want to use them practicality. But, in the Japanese traditional crafts thinking, there is a thinking that the genuine beauty comes from practicality, and without practicality it's useless.

I think this is the difficult point about retaining the nature of Japanese dogs.


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