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Let's Go to Dog Shows

What's the most efficient way to identify a good dog that gets a good rating at a dog show according to the NIPPO standard?

The best way is to see as many good dogs as possible on a regular basis.

For example, to estimate a good food, we have to know as much good food as possible.

And the best way to see a lot of good dogs is to go to dog shows.

It's better to see them directly than in pictures or videos.

All of the dogs that attend dog shows are the best dogs.

The judging professionals will then select the best of the best.

The first time you go to the show, you will wonder why this dog is the best.

But as you go to dog shows, you will gradually understand.

This is called "cultivating the eye," and it is a kind of training.

Also, since many dog lovers gather dog shows, there will be many like-minded people.

You may be able to meet new friends.


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