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Introduction of great dogs (Shiba Inu)


Kurokoroku is a "Kansei-Ken"(finished dog).

Kansei-Ken is a title given to dogs that have won the "Nippo Honbu-sho" Award (the highest award) at the Nippo Dog Show 6 times.

Kurokoroku won his 6th "Nippo Honbu-sho" Award at the Nagasaki Kyushu Union dog Show on April 9, 2023, earning him the title of Kansei-ken.

Due to the Kansei-Ken rule, he will no longer be allowed to participate in regionals and will only be allowed to participate in the NIPPO Grand National.

Kurokoroku is a dog from our group kennel.

His half brothers are in our kennel.

His puppies are in our kennel as well. Please look forward to our next presentation.

Awa no Suzumasa-go

This dog is in our kennel.

The father of this dog is called "Aoi no Suzushin-go" and he is Kansei-ken.

In addition, his paternal grandmother was named "Kose no Ouka-go" and she won the "Jun Saiko-sho" (Best of Opposite Sex: this refers to the highest female rank in Japan) at the Nippo-Honbu-sho Award.

Suzumasa's mother was named "Ichiya-go", which is also Kansei-Ken.

So Suzumasa is a dog blessed with a good pedigree.


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