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How to keep your dog cool on a hot day (In case you cannot bring your dog indoors.)

Even if you keep your dog in a yard, considering the nature of the Shiba Inu, we do not recommend letting your dog off-leash.

You should prepare a kennel with a door.

Especially on a hot summer day, you need to find a good location for your dog's kennel and pay attention to the kennel's structure .

The floor of the kennel should be raised and not close to the ground to allow for good ventilation.

Not only does it keep out heat but also moisture, so dogs are less likely to get sick.

Also, make sure the roof is wide enough so that the sunshine doesn't enter the kennel even if the sun goes down.

In addition ,make sure the kennel is well ventilated as well.

It will be difficult to install an air conditioner in kennel usually, so you should set a large fan to blow air through the kennel when the sun is shining.

If the kennel has enough space and the your dog is not the type of dog which nibbles on an electric cord or fan, you can install a fan directly inside the kennel.

A fan with a timer that runs for a set amount of time is useful.

You should make sure your dog drinks enough water, but too much drinking only water may cause diarrhea. You can prevent that by mixing a sports drink with the water.

However, mixing the human version of the sports drink can lead to too much sugar for your dog, so if possible, it's better to prepare a special sports drink for dog.

Dogs cannot explain their discomfort to you. Especially in case of puppies, it may be too late for them when visible symptoms of heat stroke appears.

You should be careful with your dog, especially on hot days.


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