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Building Trust with 'Hold Still' Training Method #1 for New Puppies

Dog Training Method #1 "Hold Still"

Shiba Inu puppy in a hug

"Hold still" and "Muzzle control" are important training exercises for dogs.

"Hold still" is to hold a dog from behind and calm him down. "Muzzle control" is to hold a dog's muzzle during "Hold still". Both are effective to make your dog obedient.

This post will explain the specific "Hold Still" method.

・ Use the same rug every time

Shiba Inu puppy on white carpet

Always use the same rug when practicing "Hold still" and "Muzzle control". Just an ordinary towel is good enough for the rug. Please use the same rug at the touching training too, which we'll explain later.

By using the same rug each time, the dog will learn that laying the rug means "Hold still" and "Muzzle control" will start, and allow him to naturally take them.

・ “Hold still” method

Shiba Inu being held still

First, let your dog sit on the rug.

Then you kneel from behind and hold him firmly between your legs to fix him.

At this time, hold his chest with one hand and hold his under jaw with the other hand.

If your dog resists or rampages, lock him in this position with your chest and stomach to prevent him from moving freely.

As soon as you lock him well, he will stop resisting.

Shiba Inu being held still

Since he can't see the back side, it's effective to hold him from the back side.

This is a very uneasy position for dogs.

The fact that he can stay calm and feel at ease even if he is held from behind means that he feels trust in you and shows obedience.

This is very important.


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