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Dog Run for Shiba Inu

As your dog grows, just indoor spaces will be not enough as a playground.

When you want to let your dog run around in a big place, a dog run is a convenient place to do so.

However, there are some Shiba Inus that are not good at dog runs.

Even though owners took trouble to bring them to a dog run, those dogs tend not to run around at all in a dog run, and just wander around sniffing the ground, afraid of other dogs and bark at them, or just stay still at the corner of the space.

These behaviors can make owners worried.

But please don't give up. Shiba Inus, like other dogs, love to run around.

They are just very territorial, so they need longer time to get used to new places. Take your time and let them get used to the dog run.

When you bring your Shiba Inu to a dog run for the first time, your dog will probably sniff the area carefully. This is a great way to grasp the situation.

Also, be mindful of your Shiba Inu's personal space. Shiba Inus have their own territory, and they don't like to have unknown things come into it.

In the case of dog to dog, the problem can be solved by completing the greeting, so don't let go of the leash until then.

However, there are some dogs that can never get along with, so don't force your dog in those situations. In that case, try to go with his good friend dog.


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