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106th exhibition of the Santama branch held Dog Show

On April 2nd, I visited an exhibition in Akiruno City, Tokyo.

It was the 106th exhibition of the Santama branch held in the spring of the fifth year of Reiwa.

Although I wasn't there to participate, I was able to meet Dolt-kun from our dog breeding group.

He is a pretty amazing dog, as his father received the Minister's Award and Dolt-kun himself won 1st place in the Soken-kumi at the NIPPO Grand National Show.

His standing posture is really cool.

The other dogs that were participating also had a certain "Japanese dog" style and composure that one would expect from dogs taken to exhibitions.

There were a total of 82 dogs judged in this competition, all of which were small to medium-sized dogs with no large dogs present.

The connection between the handlers and their dogs was also wonderful, making for a really enjoyable time.


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